Trend Art

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NEW 2022 Nail Designs Coming Soon!

Available at the OREGON NAIL EXPO 2022 (you must have a show ticket to attend this class)!

Stay current, in this class Wildflowers will unleash our newest products and techniques so that you can stay on top of the nail art trends.   For the first half of 2018, our trend art class is loaded with beautiful nails, ranging from mermaid styles to abstract, and even includes nail piercing.  

In this half-day hands-on workshop, you will create a total of 6 looks to add to your portfolio. 

During class, you will have unlimited use of all Wildflowers Products.  

No product kit is included in this class. 


Lauren Wireman

What to Bring:

-Wildflowers Silicone Tools

-Wildflowers Ombre Brush

-Wildflowers Fidget Stylus

-Wildflowers Magenta Brush

-Wildflowers Orange Brush

-Wildflowers Scrubby Brush



-UV or LED nail lamp

-Isopropyl Alcohol


-White Gel Polish (and a few other bright colors)

-An electrical power strip (you will be provided with one outlet)

We recommend utilizing the Wildflowers tools listed above - please purchase them before class from our website (and remember to give them time to ship - up to two weeks depending on the shipping method you choose).  If you choose to use other tools or brushes, we can not guarantee the outcome of each nail design.

What to Expect at a Travel Class:

Travel Class classes are typically round-table style with a whole lot of Wildflowers Products in the middle of the table.  Shopping may or may not be available in the classroom (depending on the event, available staff, and location).  Please be sure to secure any supplies you may need for class before arrival.  

It's important that you bring a power-strip.  Our round tables typically have a round receptacle under them that will give ONE plug-in to each person in class.  If you have three things to plug in, you'll need that power strip.  

Many times the Wildflowers staff sets up the classroom before class (if class begins at 8AM, they are there at 7AM setting up the classroom).  We typically open doors 15 minutes before class begins.  It helps our set-up process to go much smoother if there are no extra bags or people in the room until we officially open our doors.  Please wait for us to open the doors to come in. 

Your set-up and break-down time is built into class time.  If you'd like to sit with your friend, be sure to arrive early.  At some events we will have a TV, and sometimes a projector.  We try to arrange the classroom so that everyone can see.  Be sure to bring a sweater or fan depending on your personal needs.  We try to set the temperature at a comfortable temperature, but we can not guarantee to please everyone.  

Refund and Cancellation Policy:

Trend Art Class is non-refundable.  Please see our Terms and Conditions for more details.   



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