Charisma Pro Acrylic Kit

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Charisma Acrylic was created by industry leader Lysa Comfort and is used by Nail Champions around the world.  

The product is SLOW SETTING so it's really great for beginners.  The white is very easy to work with, which is helpful for learning pink and whites.  It also blends beautifully for baby boomers.  

This Kit Includes:

-Clear Powder 1oz

-Natural Powder 1oz

-Pink Powder 1oz

-White Powder 1oz

-Liquid Monomer 4oz

-100 Charisma Forms

-1 Charisma Primer Pen

-1 2-way high shine buffer

-Charisma File Set (6 files / buffers ranging from 100-240 grit)

-1 Glass Dampen Dish

-Nail Tips

-Wildflowers Red Acrylic Brush (this has replaced the original charisma brush)


-Cuticle Oil

-UV Topcoat (not gel)

-Brush on Glue


Other Information:

All product use questions can be directed to Charisma Nail Innovations:

Ships from Fort Myers, FL, USA.

No returns are accepted on this product due to it's cosmetic nature.  

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