Fiber Strands KIT

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Jump on the bandwagon with the latest FIBERGLASS trend - Fiberglass strands!  Using the Wildflowers Fiberglass Strands kit, you can make a sleek, natural-looking nail.  

This is for a box of 50 fiber strands, Wildflowers BASE gel, Wildflowers Clear Build in a Bottle, and Wildflowers Top Coat Gel.    


  • Press the fiberglass strands flat using a brush or round tool.
  • Apply the Wildflowers Clear Base to the nails.  Cure.
  • Apply a thin coat of Wildflowers Clear Build in a Bottle.  Place the ends of the fiberglass strands on the edge of the nail.  Cure.
  • Create a line across the fiberglass strands just past the point of length you desire.  Cure.
  • Cut the fiberglass strands.  BE CAREFUL!  Fiberglass is made from GLASS, and it's very easy to get it on or in your skin.
  • Coat with the Wildflowers Clear Build in a Bottle.  Cure. 
  • Repeat as necessary.  
  • Shape and File the nails.
  • Apply Wildflowers Top Coat Gel.  


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Wildflowers Fiber Strands Kit is a cosmetic product.  Returns are not accepted.