2021 NEW Gel Polish Colors

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We are thrilled to bring you a sophisticated creamy color palette for the second half of 2021. 

Wildflowers Gel Polishes are known to be lavishly creamy with a very high pigment level - most colors even go on in one thin coat.  

Here are some notes about the 2021 collection:

-The color "Antique" is a very sheer white.  It can be used in many ways, one of which is placing it over a glitter layer to soften the look of the glitter.  Another way to use it is to apply it over nail art for an antiqued look.  It's proving to be a "must-have" for the nail artists out there.

-The color "Moto Moto" is purple/gray.  Sometimes it looks purple in certain lighting, and other times it looks gray.  It's a transcending color.

-If your clients loved the soft mauve color "Desert Rose" from our previous collection, they will be sure to love "Rosewood", as it's a darker version of "Desert Rose".  

-Lauren's personal favorites are "Suede" which is a true putty color, and "Sophistication" which is a darker brown/gray.  

Very Similar - but different!

There are a few colors in this collection that are VERY similar, but different only by undertone.   

If you're on a tight budget, you may want to consider just picking one of these colors instead of getting both.  

Why do we do this?  Because everyone can wear yellow, you just have to find the correct shade and tone.  If you're servicing clients, it's great to have all of these options.  To really see the difference and judge what looks the best, hold the nail swatch up to your client's skin, you'll see the difference!

LIGHT BROWNS: Gravy Baby (neutral undertone), and Tonka (green undertone).  

RUSTY ORANGES: Cowboy Boots (neutral undertone), TeePee (warm undertone), and Terracotta (cool undertone), Caramel Apple (warm undertone, slightly darker than TeePee).


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