Odorless 3-D Silk Kit

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Lose the smell of acrylic, now you can make stunningly beautiful 2-D and 3-D art using Wildflowers "pop-up" gel and Wildflowers Silk Powders.  

This combination can be used for:


-beautiful silk 2-D and 3-D roses and flowers

-delicate 3-D lace

The silk powders are a premium blend of pigmented polymer powders with a silky smooth consistency, much different from regular colored acrylic powders.  They are perfect for blending into the white "pop-up" gel, or used by themselves with monomer instead of gel (if you don't mind the smell) to create traditional 2-D and 3-D acrylic art.  

This kit comes with one .34 fl oz / 10mL pot of white "pop-up" gel, and a stacker of (5) 5g jars of Wildflowers "silk powders" in vivid pastel (25 g total).  

On a palette, use your silicone tool to mix 1 part (a pea sized amount) of the white "pop-up" gel with 2 parts "silk powder".  Apply to the nail using a 3-D nailart brush.  

Looking for the MSDS?  Click here.

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