Butter Paints One-Stroke Paints

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Butter Paints are the smoothest most pigmented acrylic paints, with a buttery consistency, perfect for one-stroke nailart.  This is probably the paint you've been dreaming of when it comes to a perfect one-stroke paint, and the type of paint you choose makes a HUGE difference in the look and quality of your precious art.  

Butter Paints come in 10 different colors, and are in .34 fl oz soft-squeeze bottles (10mL).  Made in the USA, with cosmetic approved pigments.  

This set includes: Fern, Blueberry, Dehlia, Violet, White, Black, Marigold, Maple, Rose, and Cosmos.

*Tip: The colors CAN be altered by mixing with regular Art Paints, with a ratio of 1 part ArtPaints to 2 parts Butter Paints.  

The colors are also available in open stock - CLICK HERE

Product Size:

.34 fl oz, 10 color set.


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Butter Paints are a cosmetic product. Returns and exchanges are NOT accepted on this product.

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