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ONLINE - Elevated Art Master Artist Course

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Welcome to the ONLINE Master Artist Course "Elevated Art".


This course is part of our 8-course Master Artist Series. 

Ruffles, Roses, Flowers, and Lace – all elevated from the surface of the nail!  Elevated Art utilizes several popular mediums to produce hand-grabbing 2-D and 3-D nail art. In this class, you will learn the latest techniques for creating fun 3-D nail art that will impress your clients, all in a salon time frame.  

Please watch this video to see what you need.  There is also a list below.  

Here is what you need to complete class: 

  • Gloves or Wildflowers Flower Palette
  • 3D Starter Kit (this is a great option that contains several of the following items)
  • Wildflowers Silicone Tools
  • Wildflowers Clear Puffy Gel
  • Wildflowers Art Paste
  • Wildflowers Palace Glitter
  • Wildflowers Popcorn Glitter
  • Wildflowers Puffy Gels or Artist's Gel Paints in GOLD
  • Wildflowers Powdered Sugar Collection
  • A Dotting Tool
  • A Pump Bottle for Isopropyl Alcohol
  • Gel Polishes
  • Wildflowers Top Coat Gel, Metallic Topcoat and Matte Topcoat (Matte is optional)