Envy Collection

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This collection is the perfect mash up for St. Patrick's Day. Includes:

  • Money (This chunky glitter has stars, triangles, hexagons, circles in opaque, translucent , iridescent and shifting colors. It's really got it all with shades of green, gold, blue and silver!  They come in micro .1mm and everything in-between up to 4mm pieces in each jar)
  • Wintergreen (This chunky glitter has white stars, palest green hexagons and translucent/iridescent hexagons. The sizes range from .1mm to 4mm pieces in each jar)
  • Rainbow (Ultra-thin, multi colored circles in holographic, iridescent, pastel, deep and bright colors in a magical mix! The size is of the circles are approximately 2.5mm pieces)
  • Irish (Translucent opaque with a silver/green iridescent shift and silver, hexagon shaped glitters that are thin. They come in .1mm, .5mm & 2mm pieces in each jar) 

These glitters are made with cosmetic grade films, and are solvent resistant.  


The glitters included in the Envy Collection can be encapsulated in gel or acrylic products.  It can also be hand-placed into gel polish and carefully encapsulated.  

Product Size:

4, 10g jars.


We ship world-wide.  Head to the checkout and enter your address to see your options.  This product ships from Florida, USA.  


Envy Glitter Collection is a cosmetic product. Returns and exchanges are NOT accepted on this product.   


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