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ONLINE - Handletter Nails

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Class Title:

Handletter Nails - No Show Nail Academy #3

Class Release Date:

January 2019


Lauren Wireman

What You'll Learn:

-how to learn and practice hand-lettering

-how to work quickly to save time in the salon

-how to hold and load your brush

-the words "love" "true love" and "kiss me"

What You'll Receive:

-60 day access to the course material which includes TWO detailed tutorial videos (one is 30 minutes, the other is less than 5).

-opportunity for feedback

Products You'll Need:

(many of these products can be purchased HERE)

    -a nail tip to work on / a tip holder / poster tack

-Nail Tips and sticky tack

-Black (or Dark) Gel Polish (or black nail tips)


-Wildflowers Silk Powders

-Wildflowers Black and White Pop-Up Gel

-Wildflowers Magenta Brush

-Wildflowers Top Coat Gel

-Wildflowers Matte Topcoat


Here are some other items you'll want to have:

-Wildflowers Scrubby Brush

-Nude, Red, and Dark Gel Polish


-Micro Holographic Glitter


    -Isopropyl Alcohol 90%+

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