Jewel Forms

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Jewel Forms can be used to make your own nail jewels!  This is a set of the 8 most popular jewel shapes.  


  • Simply fill the jewel form shape with a thin layer of Wildflowers Top Coat Gel, and cure.  Then add whatever chromes, pigments, or glitters you'd like, and then cure. 
  • Gently pop out the jewel(have patience when removing the jewel from the form as to not damage the form).

*This works best with transparent and translucent pigments, flakes, and chromes - if you overload your jewel with dark opaque glitters, it may not cure properly.  

 Always test your gel product on the flat part of the form to make sure it's compatible with the jewel form and will not form a permanent bond, thus damaging the form.  

Product Size:

Includes 8 different forms with several jewel shapes on each form.  Made from silicone.  


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