Masterworks Hard Gel Kit

$139.00 USD

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Masterworks Hard Gel Student Starter Kit

Masterworks is a HARD GEL that must be cured in a UV lamp (or LED).  It is completely free from all acrylates and HEMA, which makes it the perfect solution for nail techs suffering from allergies, or clients who suffer from allergies to acrylates.  

This kit includes:

MasterGel Cool Opaque 60g

Mastersculpt Fixed White 15g

MasterGel Clear 15g

MasterGel Extreme Coverage 15g

Masterworks Nail Prep and Nail Bond

100 Masterworks Forms

5 Masterworks Files

1 Masterworks Gel Brush

Other Information:

All product use inquiries can be directed toward MasterWorks by Amy Becker

Returns are not accepted on this product due to it's cosmetic nature.  Ships from Fort Myers, FL, USA.