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Wildflowers Education

ONLINE - One-Stroke Roses

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One-Stroke Roses - No Show Nail Academy #4

In this course you will learn all of the individual strokes to create a one-stroke rose, and how to put them together to create the perfect rose on the nail.  

This course has 12 video units:

-Course Introduction

-Supplies You'll Need

-How to Blend One-Stroke Paint

-How to Blend Paint specifically for Roses

-How to create 5 different strokes (one video for each stroke)

-How to put them together to create a rose on the nail




You can email for feedback anytime at as you take the course.  

Things you'll need:

Wildflowers Butter Paints (at least 2 colors, white and a color)

Wildflowers Light Pink Brush

Matte Gel Topcoat

Shiny Gel Topcoat