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ONLINE Detail Art Master Artist Course

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Welcome to the ONLINE Master Artist Course "Detail Art".


This course is part of our 8-course Master Artist Series. 

One of Lauren's favorite classes, in Detail Art you will learn how to create 6 beautiful hand-painted nails.  Nails include the butterfly wing, line design, and drunken ovals just to name a few.  We cover line work (controlled and abstract), composition, and brush control.  

We all know that details can make or break your nail art designs.  In this class, you will learn how to put those delicate little details into your nail art designs in a salon-style timeframe.

Please watch this video to see what you need.  There is also a list below.  

Here is what you need to complete class:

  • Wildflowers Black and White Painting Gels
  • Wildflowers White Pop Up Gel
  • Wildflowers Cat Eye Gels & Magnet 
  • Wildflowers Micro Holo Glitters
  • Wildflowers Sea Pearls Glitter 
  • Wildflowers Clear Puffy Gel
  • Wildflowers Unicorn Powder
  • Wildflowers Metallic Topcoat 
  • Wildflowers Gold Brush
  • Wildflowers Magenta Brush
  • Wildflowers Bullion Pen (Gold or Silver)
  • Wildflowers Scrubby Brush
  • Wildflowers Neon Rainbow Pigments
  • Wildflowers Top Coat Gel
  • Wildflowers Matte Topcoat
  • Wildflowers Eyeshadow Applicators
  • Wildflowers Dotting Tool
  • Wildflowers Indigo Brush 
  • Gel Polish 
  • Nail Tips 
  • Sticky Tack