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Pop-it's or "reverse forms" and a quick and easy way to add length to nails. They are equipped with tabs on the side for easy removal once the product has cured.  Pop-its leave nails with a high shine finish.  


-Prep the natural nail, and apply Wildflowers Base Coat Gel, and cure.  

-Size the pop-it appropriately for the nail.  

-Fill the inside of the pop-it with Wildflowers Sculpting Paste.  Press the pop-it down onto the natural nail.  Clean up any excess product before curing!

-(Optional) Use the pop-it clamp (sold separately) to hold the pop-it in place perfectly.


-To remove the pop-it, twist gently back and forth while holding one of the side tabs.  

-(Optional) finish file and top with whatever you'd like.  

Product Size:

The pop-its come in 10 sizes.  There are 10 of each size. 


We ship world-wide.  Just add the item to your cart, proceed to checkout, and enter your address to see your rates.  Item ships from Florida, USA.


Returns are not accepted on Pop-it's or pop-it clamps.  


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