Puff Sponge Replacement Boinkers

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This tool is an eyeshadow applicator on steroids and you'll need replacement pieces for the Boinkers. This is a set of 28 in a great case.



 Wildflowers Puff Sponge can be used in a number of ways

- Apply a small amount of Wildflowers Butter Paints to a palette, and press the Puff Tool into the paint multiple times to disperse the pigment evenly.

- Use it to make beautiful gradients and ombre designs.

- Use it with a stencil or striping tape for fun nail art.

- Dab on using Wildflowers Butter Paints for a sponged effect.

- Apply pigments and powders with ease while covering the whole nail. 


Cleaning the sponges is easy when using a water-based acrylic paint. Just use some warm, soapy water on the sponge and let dry completely.  When using with gel products, clean them with Isopropyl Alcohol.

Puff Tips (Boinkers) will need to be replaced often.


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