Sculpt or Build Student Certification Class

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Class Description:

Includes an awesome student kit!  Looking for an innovative way to build sleek and strong nails? Wildflowers has developed a versatile, user-friendly system that can be mastered and put to use quickly. This class takes you from start to finish on 4 nail styles necessary for success in the salon. These fundamental skills are paired with an essentials starter kit to prepare you for perfection. We recommend this class prior to any of our art classes to ensure a proper foundation.

What we cover in class:

-nail anatomy

-how to properly form coffin, stiletto, almond, and square nails

-basic nail extensions (and glitter encapsulation if time permits)

-form and tip fitting

-nail preparation

-brush care

-product application

-shaping and filing

-time management

 Kit is INCLUDED in this class.

Tuition with a purchased kit includes the following (a $239 value):

-Wildflowers Salon Shapes CLEAR Nail Forms (100)

-The Wildflowers Black Combo Tool

-Wildflowers 30g CLEAR Sculpting Paste

-Wildflowers 30g COOL PINK Sculpting Paste

-Wildflowers CLEAR Build in a Bottle

-Wildflowers WHITE Build in a Bottle

-Wildflowers PINK Build in a Bottle

-Wildflowers BASE Gel

-Wildflowers Basic Dotting Tool

-Wildflowers Top Coat Gel

-Wildflowers Files

-Wildflowers Clear Competition Tips

-Wildflowers Glue

-Wildflowers Travel Bag