Sunrise Collection

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Added 3/15/2018

Soft spring glitters.


-Breeze - A chunky translucent blue glitter mixed with highly reflective silver pieces.  It reminds us of blue ice chips.  

-Awaken - A chunky mix of pearl matte peach, blended with an iridescent white.  It's fresh and flirty.  

-Suds - A playful mix of baby sized pearlescents blended with an iridescent shimmer.  

-Dreams - An intriguing blend of purples and fuchsias.  It has a mixture of grass and hexagons giving it a soft effect.   

These glitters can be added to acrylics and hard gels and are best when encapsulated.

Each comes in a 10g/.25 oz (by volume) jar  

These glitters are made with cosmetic grade films, and are solvent resistant.  


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