SUNsation Pigment Collection

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Cosmetic grade loose pigments that go from white to vibrant colors when the SUNLIGHT hits them.  This is the perfect look for  someone who has to tone it down at the office, but loves fun vibrant colors when out and about.  

Included is 5g (by volume) of each of the following:

White / Fuchsia

White / Peach

White / Yellow

White / Sage

White / Blue

White / Purple


-Mix with clear acrylic powder

-Mix with hard gel

-Dust into the tacky layer of gel polish

-Use over the Wildflowers Stamping Gel for subtle color changes.  

These are NOT heat changing, they are UV changing.  They will change in your UV or LED lamp, or out in the sun.    

-Test your gel topcoats.  This works best with a gel topcoat with very little UV inhibitors.  These pigments work great with our Wildflowers Metallic Topcoat and with our NEW Wildflowers Gel Topcoat.