Tooth Fairy Micro

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Back by popular demand, this micro glitter is magical.  Lauren's favorite technique is to sprinkle this over nude gel polish colors.  Once gel topcoat goes over the glitter disappears, and all you see is purple-blue electric sparks!

  • White to purple color shift
  • Thin and easy to work with
  • Particle Size .1mm
  • Finish is iridescent
  • Made with cosmetic grade films


Tooth Fairy Micro can be encapsulated in gel or acrylic products.  It can also be sprinkled into gel polish or into the sticky layer of gel polish.

Product Size:

.25oz (by volume) jar  


We ship worldwide.  Head to our checkout to see all of our options!  Ships from Florida, USA.


Tooth Fairy Micro is a cosmetic product. Returns and exchanges are NOT accepted on this product.   

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