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Glitter - Wild Flower

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"Wild Flower" is the perfect color blend of beautiful flat flowers.  These flowers are completely opaque (not see through) with an iridescent finish in a variety of colors.  Each flower measures about 3-4 mm across, so they are definitely considered large.  (And remember, when encapsulating, you can cut them with little scissors instead of trying to cram them all inside of the nail).  

"Wild Flower" is best used by hand-placing them one-by-one, and I like them best encapsulated in hard gel, or acrylic.  Because of the way they are produced, it's very common to see them stuck together in the jar here or there, so be sure to press some of the little stacks apart to get individual flowers.   

Cosmetic grade and solvent resistant. Net Wt. 4 grams.