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Wildflowers Bit Kit

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New to using an e-file but don't know where to start?

The Wildflowers Bit Kit is the perfect HIGH-QUALITY starter kit for use with your electric file. 


-Fluted Safety Bit for shaping and removals

-Medium GENUINE diamond bit for refining enhancements (replaces a 180 sponge buffer)

-Fine GENUINE diamond bit (replaces a 240 sponge buffer)

-Medium Tapered GENUINE diamond bit (natural nail prep before enhancements)

-Extra Fine GENUINE diamond bit (natural nail prep before polish)

-A cute bit case

-E-file OIL for the nails (for use with the bits that replace buffers)

What's the big deal about a diamond bit being "GENUINE". That means that these bits are made from real diamond particles, the hardest naturally occurring substance on the earth.  They are durable, coated evenly, and made in the USA by Erica's ATA.