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Welcome to the Wildflowers Sculpt or Build PRO Certification Course.

Beautiful Nail Art starts with a PERFECT foundation.  Are you ready to embark on a journey to truly master the Wildflowers core products and perfect that foundation?

This Master Course built by Lauren Wireman consists of:

22 Video Units (Over 12 hours of video content)

8 Sets of Diagrams

3 Assignments with feedback

8 PDF documents outlining practical services

In this course you'll learn:

  • Proper Nail Prep by hand, and with an e-file
  • How to fit and size nail tips
  • How to fit nail forms on 4 different finger shapes
  • How to sculpt a nail extension using Wildflowers Sculpting Paste
  • How to sculpt extensions using Wildflowers Build in a Bottle
  • How to create nail extensions with tips using Wildflowers Sculpting Paste
  • How to create nail extensions with tips using Build in a Bottle
  • How to sculpt a Glitter Fade
  • How to create a Glitter Fade over a tip
  • How to sculpt Pink and Whites (with an extended nail bed option)
  • How to create Pink and Whites over tips
  • How to do a fill (cuticle area)
  • How to do a full fill (rebalance)
  • How to properly remove the product
  • Product Knowledge
  • Surprise BONUS material :)

You'll have access to the course for 180 days (6 months).  The PDF's are yours to keep (they are technique E-books) and there are mini versions of the procedures for free as a refresher at

You can access our instructors anytime by contacting us through the LMS.  Please allow us time to get back with you.  

Feedback is given on 3 assignments, but if you'd like to be an overachiever, we'd be more than happy to critique your work on all 10 nail techniques.  

We strongly recommend purchasing the Sculpt or Build Kit before taking this course. 

You can purchase the starter kit HERE on our student website.

You can purchase either the starter kit OR the professional starter bundle HERE for our pro website.   


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