Flower pattern.

Post: Floral Whispers

Floral Whispers

Floral Whispers

These soft and beautiful nails were created by Wildflowers Master Artist Kato Alonzo @nailvana01.  Here's how he created them.

Products used:

- Wildflowers Base Coat

- Wildflowers “Klepto” Gel Polish

- Wildflowers “Tissue Paper” Gel Polish

- Wild Flowers Orange and Pink Neon Pigments

- Wildflowers Spider Gel (White)

- Wildflowers (White) Artistic Gel

- Wildflowers Lime Brush

- Wildflowers Gold Artist Gel Paints


1. Apply two coats of “Tissue Paper” gel Polish to your background to get you a nice solid background for your nail

2. Mix two separate parts of white Art Gel with Pinch of Neon Orange, and Neon pink, once mixing should be light pink in color, the other a light pastel orange

3. Using the Wildflowers Lime Brush, brush a little of the mixtures you desire, and apply onto nail by coming from a 45% angle, pivot from the nail, tan out your lime green brush, in a drag and drop motion, feather away, and what you will be left with is a petal. Cure for 15 seconds

4. Repeat step 3 until you have 3-4 petals that are separate from each other, cute for 30 seconds.

5. Apply another set of different color mixture above your previous petals, to fill the gaps in between and repeat the previous step over.

6. Unloading the spider gel, using a thin string, with any tool that has a tip (dotting, silicone preferred), we are going to outline the petals of our flower.

7. Apply golden dots inside of the flowers using wildflowers gold artist gel and flash cure for 15 seconds

8. Lastly, apply a thing layer of Wildflowers Gel Top Coat and cure for 60 seconds, and you’re all done!