Wildflowers Master Artists

Learn more about Wildflowers Master Artists. Whatever you aspire to do as a professional nail technician and artist, Wildflowers wants to help you get there by providing practical instruction and high-quality products!

What is a “Wildflowers Master Artist”?

Wildflower Master Artists are professional nail techs who have completed our 8 Master Artist Classes! They are an elite group of nail techs who are investing in their education! We are humbled by their enthusiasm.

Not only are these classes designed in such a way to skyrocket your nail art skills, but you will be incredibly proficient with Wildflowers products, giving you the power to use them to an endless potential! After completing this course, you will have exclusive special opportunities with Wildflowers, opportunities to get involved behind the scenes, and a chance to give back from students to enthusiasts!

At this level of achievement, our Master Artists are highly encouraged to share their aspirations with us so that we can assist them! We can help you whether you want to hold your own class, visit nail schools, or if you are interested in representing Wildflowers at various events! We want to help in your own leadership journey and help you nurture and empower our community! We know you are the kind that values education and we are here to serve you!

Are you a nail tech looking to jump and IMMERSE yourself into the world of nail art? Love Wildflowers and wish you could have Lauren in person instead of just watching YouTube tutorials and trying our techniques? This is for you! This group is where the elite Wildflowers nail professional gather.

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