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Page: The Wildflowers Community

Learn more about The Wildflowers Community. Whatever you aspire to do as a professional nail technician and artist, Wildflowers wants to help you get there by providing practical instruction and high-quality products!

Wildflowers is more than just a nail company! We are a group of amazing, talented, and driven nail enthusiasts, on a journey to be the best, and continue to learn and inspire others! We do not wish to sell you just a product, but a tool to empower you to be the best wherever you are, and at all stages!

Let's face it, many professionals were once enthusiasts, and many professionals have turned their passion into incredible opportunities—from competing in competitions to teaching the next generation of nail professionals. The world is yours, and we want to give you the skills and products to prove it!

We aspire to help the “enthusiast” considering the chance to go pro, the eager student ready to dive in, the professional nail competitor, the long-time nail tech who feels out of the loop, and many more! Anyone who loves nails and nail art, all are welcome. This is what makes Wildflowers the best!

No fancy CEO board of directors here, everything we do for our amazing community, from someone who has been at all steps of the journey ready to share her insight to aid you! We hope you feel encouraged! Wherever you are, it's all a journey, and you are so capable of learning more, fine-tuning your skills, and getting where you want to be!

We have a few different ways to support you at each level, from classes, events, and online networking! We are confident you will find something for you!