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Page: Aspiring Professionals

Learn more about Aspiring Professionals. Whatever you aspire to do as a professional nail technician and artist, Wildflowers wants to help you get there by providing practical instruction and high-quality products!

Passionate and creative? Got a gift for creating art, on nails? We love it, and this is the place for you. This is what captivates a lot of our community. And we all have a starting point. We love your enthusiasm and would love to help develop it!

We understand that there seems to be so many options at this stage! The world of nails can be overwhelming, we’re here to help. You can guarantee that you will feel safe in our “inclusive” community. Whether you are a passionate hobby enthusiast, or student, with dreams of being an independent tech, a celebrity nail artist, a competitor, salon owner, or an editorial nail artist.

 We also have mentoring available on our Facebook Group: Wildflowers Techniques and Support

NTNA Scholarship Program

Wildflowers is proud to be a sponsor of the 2022 NTNA I Love Nails Scholarship program! We'd love to have as many of our Wildflowers Aspiring Professionals participate as possible. To enter you will need to:

  1. Complete online application and submit proof of licensure as a Nail Professional within your residing state or proof of employment or certification in Canada.

  2. Submit a 3-minute maximum, YouTube video with a public link answering the following questions:

  3. What made you decide this career is your passion and give reasons why you chose this as your desired path?

  4. Explain why education is the key to continued success within the professional beauty industry?

  5. What advanced training interests you and why?

  6. How can you give back to the next generation?

Timeline for Scholarship Process

  1. Summer Scholarships: Open June 5, 2022

  2. Summer scholarships: Closed August 31, 2022

  3. Judging Begins September 5 – 19, 2022

  4. Final Approval September 22, 2022

  5. Scholarships Notified September 23, 2022

  6. Official Announcement November 9, 2022

Download the PDF for complete details and official guidelines!

I Love Nails Scholarship PDF