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Page: The Wildflowers Story

Learn more about The Wildflowers Story. Whatever you aspire to do as a professional nail technician and artist, Wildflowers wants to help you get there by providing practical instruction and high-quality products!

For those diving into the colorful world of nails, we are the global nail brand that provides: 

Trustworthy top notch products

Unique learning experiences 

Endless bursts of creativity 

A warm and supportive community

Imagine a world where no nail art companies exist

That was what it was like back in 2014. Nail techs who wanted to create brilliant art were forced to shop at local craft stores for things like glitters, paints and brushes. The color bled off the glitters, the brushes were too big and all needed to be cut, and the paints never had enough pigment. Nail art was not something that the large nail companies saw as lucrative, and so the few companies who released nail art brushes only did them as promotional items, and they were cheap and low quality.

Lauren Wireman was a professional cosmetologist at that time, teaching at a beauty school in Florida. She noticed in Florida, so many people wore nail art, but there was hardly any education for it, much less supplies. She began teaching independent nail classes at her studio using paints that she would mix myself, brushes that she had cut by hand, and high-quality glitters that she had sourced herself. Everyone in her classes begged for her to cut a brush for them, or make some paint for them, and that was the beginning of something very exciting.

One day when working in the salon, Lauren was removing crystals from a clients nail, and one popped off and landed in her eye. (She actually took a picture of it, because it was so ridiculous to have a whole crystal stuck to her eyeball). At that moment, Lauren decided that we needed cute protective eyewear in the salon. She started sourcing plain lensed glasses and decorating them with crystals. Then everyone wanted those.

Our passion to teach and to share quality products led to tradeshows across the country

We continued listening to what professional nail techs wanted and continued to research and develop new products to meet their needs. But the best part was building the education to go with the products, making sure that when nail technicians got our products in their hands, they had what they needed to succeed. We developed a full range of brushes, highly pigmented paints, high quality glitters, and of course Nail Spex – our protective glasses.

In 2016, Wildflowers took the nail world by storm as the first US company to release colored chrome powder for nails (our Powdered Sugar Collection). We followed with Silver Chrome, and then Unicorn Chrome. We built our reputation for having Nail Tech tested products that were of the highest possible quality. AND for having the educational videos to go with it.

We expanded our headquarters in Florida to include a classroom and opened our doors for classes in our new facility shortly after.

Since then, we have expanded our product line to include gel paints, gel polishes, a full range of foundational products, and an online academy. We have developed nearly 100 nail artists in into Wildflowers Master Artists, and have taught tens of thousands of students across the world.