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Page: Wildflowers Competition Crew

Learn more about the Wildflowers Competition Crew. Whatever you aspire to do as a professional nail technician and artist, Wildflowers wants to help you get there by providing practical instruction and high-quality products!

Whether you want to travel the world or stay right in the cozy cocoon of your space, nail competitions are an amazing way to grow as a nail artist! We know that the word "competition" can conjure up adverbs such as "cut-throat" and "fierce" but at Wildflowers, we have an amazing group of professional nail techs who love to inspire, support, and motivate because we know how important it is to stay fired up and on top of our game.

Competitions are a great way to get an unbiased opinion of strengths and weaknesses - and to be honest, most of us are just competing with ourselves to constantly see improvement. Being a part of our team, you'll find that you have opportunities for virtual, turn-in, as well as live, in-person competitions where you can even travel to another country! It's a great way to build relationships and lasting friendships in the industry.

Enrollment for our Competition Crew is open in June each year.  Exceptions can be made, please contact us by using the form below.  


Once a month, we have a 1-hour educational meeting via ZOOM to review competition criteria, answer questions, and even demonstrate techniques. These are taught by award-winning nail judges and competitors. Then two weeks later (again once a month) we have a fun virtual get-together that includes "mock" competitions, and for those working on art pieces, a set apart time to work. We break into small groups and have a fun evening full of chit-chat and laughter as we visit with each other while working. You can think of it as practicing with some of your best friends to keep things light.

2022 SCHEDULE (all times are Eastern Standard)

  • JUNE 6TH (Facebook LIVE 8pm) informational overview for competition team
  • JUNE 13TH 8pm Fashion Gel (informational zoom meeting)
  • June 27th 8pm Fashion Gel Mock Comp and Practice Time
  • JULY 11TH 8pm French Sculptured Acrylic / FANTASY (informational zoom meeting)
  • July 25th 8pm French Sculptured Acrylic Mock Comp and Practice Time
  • AUGUST 8TH 8pm Salon Success (informational zoom meeting)
  • August 25th* 8pm Salon Success Mock Comp and Practice Time *rescheduled from 22nd
  • SEPTEMBER 12th 8pm Baby Boomer (informational zoom meeting)
  • September 26th 8pm Baby Boomer Mock Comp and Practice Time
  • OCTOBER 10th 8pm Stiletto Art (informational zoom meeting)
  • October 31st 8pm Stiletto Art Mock Comp and Practice Time
  • NOVEMBER 14th 8pm One Tone (informational zoom meeting)
  • November 28th 8pm One Tone Mock Comp and Practice Time
  • DECEMBER 12TH 8pm Competition Teamwork Night