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Post: Santa's Belt

Santa's Belt

Santa's Belt

These nails are a popular and cute spin on Holiday Art! They're actually pretty easy to create, lots of lines, and a little sponging.

Begin with your favorite shade of red gel polish from Wildflowers - try our "State Board Red", "Fire" or "Shiraz".

Next use the Wildflowers White paint gel to paint a thick stripe down the center of the nail, and cure.  Use the Wildflowers Puff Sponge Tool and white paint gel to make some soft fluff down at the bottom of the nail.  Cure. 

Now, use the Wildflowers Black Paint Gel to create a horizontle stripe across the center of the nail and cure.

Follow with Wildflowers Matte Topcoat.

Finally, use the Wildflowers Gold Puffy Gel to create a belt buckle.  Cure, and you're all set!