Unicorn Hologram Pigment Powder

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** NEW - BETTER PACKAGING (with fancy sifter - same amount of product, same great product!!)  **



"Unicorn" Hologram Pigment Powder will have a different look based on the lighting in the room (or outside - it's INSANE in the sun!  Please see the pictures).  It looks most intense in the sun or LED lighting, and the effect is weak in fluorescent lighting.   

There is no higher quality available in the world - and YES, you will see the difference.  


**  You can cut down the purity and density of the product if you'd like (so that you can see more of the under-color on the nail) by mixing in 2 parts of our #2 Gunmetal Chrome Powder from the Powdered Sugar Collection click here, with 1 part unicorn powder!  Great news for you, because if you want that all the time, your jar will last you 2-3 times as long :)

It only comes in 1 color, but you can achieve all kinds of beautiful colors by using the product over a colorful foundation, or by coating with the colored glass gel.

For best results use with gel polish, and use this product with a tack-free topcoat.  

  •  Apply the desired under-color.  Cure.
  • Apply a tack-free topcoat.  Cure (DO NOT OVER-CURE, if your brand recommends 30 seconds, then ONLY cure for 30 seconds).
  • Apply the unicorn powder using an eyeshadow applicator, or a silicone tool.
  • Encapsulate with topcoat.  Apply 2 coats, and seal the free edge well.


Product Size:

2g jar


We ship world-wide.  Just add the item to your cart, proceed to checkout, and enter your address to see your rates.  Item ships from Florida, USA.


We do not accept returns or exchanges on Unicorn Hologram Pigment Powder Chrome due to it being a cosmetic product.  

MSDS (click to download)

20 micron particle size.  




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