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Wildflowers Subscriber


The first step is to join our email list, and subscribe on our social networks.  This allows you to stay in the loop with all of our products and events.  This activates the Wildflowers "deal of the week" to come straight to your inbox.  You can subscribe to our newsletter and all of our social media accounts down at the very bottom of our website :)


Wildflowers Influencer


Wildflowers utilizes influencers for short term projects.  If your work is up to par and you've build a bit of a social media following, please send your work to team@wildflowersnails.com


The following opportunities are available for those who have earned their Wildflowers Master Artist Certification.    


Wildflowers Brand Ambassadors


Wildflowers Brand Ambassadors work with Wildflowers on a more committed and long term level.  We give those who are independent educators the opportunity to purchase products and kits for the purpose of holding classes at a discounted price.  Our Brand Ambassadors can also be influencers.  


Wildflowers Distributors 


Wildflowers Distributors are Master Artists who are contractually committed to distributing Wildflowers Products to their customers and giving them the best experience possible.   They also take care of shipping or delivering product, trade shows, customer service, and also booking both independent and branded classes.  


AR Nail Supply http://arnailsupply.com/  (Canada) 

O'Reagan https://shop.oregan.ca/ (Newfoundland, Canada)

HyperNails https://www.hypernails.com (Aukland, New Zealand)


Wildflowers Modern Distributors

Wildflowers Modern Distributors are Master Artists who are also successful independent educators or nail school owners.  They pair small scale product distribution with their education for customer convenience and to promote brand awareness.  Some of the Wildflowers Modern Distributors are also Wildflowers Certifiers.  

IBA School (Lyman, South Carolina, USA)

Alexis Capers

Pop Nails (Meghan and Monique Ostler, Salem, OR)

Get Nailed Anywhere (Erin Brenhouse) https://www.gnanailart.com (Montreal, Canada)

Jotanna Rowland

Tricia Daniels


Wildflowers Certifiers


Wildflowers Certifiers are those Master Artists who are qualified to teach the Wildflowers BRAND classes (Master Artist, or Sculpt or Build Classes).  Each Wildflowers Certifier trains personally with Lauren Wireman to make sure they are able and willing to meet the education standards for Wildflowers, and Wildflowers classes.

Russanna Dudley (Sculpt or Build)

Bethany Flight (Master Artist Courses)

Erin Brenhouse (Master Artist Courses)