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BASE and TOP COAT Try Me Kit!

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Product Description:

Try our award-winning BASE gel and Top Coat Gel with our Try Me Kit! 

Our full-size base gels are available in "Old School Clear", "Old School Tinted", Clear HEMA-FREE, Shimmer, and several beautiful colors. 

This kit includes a clear OLD SCHOOL CLEAR BASE and TOP COAT GEL.    


Remove the shine and cuticle from the natural nail plate.  Scrub the nail plate with a mixture of Alcohol and Acetone. 

Apply the BASE gel in a thin layer, and cure for 30 seconds in an LED light.

Apply multiple layers if desired.  

Finish with a thin coat of Wildflowers Top Coat Gel, cure for 30 seconds in an LED light.  

Other Information:

Ships from Georgia, USA. 

Returns are not accepted on this product.