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Bloom Gel Clear

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Bloom Gel Clear is THE BEST clear blooming gel base layer on the market! It works with all kinds of colored gel polishes and is perfect for Fluid Art! When used with the Wildflowers Gel Polish, it doesn't bloom too fast or too slow, it's just right!  Nail Techs rave about our consistency and ease of use.  

Use this clear gel to create embedded roses, tie dye, abstract and more.  Pair this product with our Glass Gels and Inks for loads of creative fun!


  • Apply the Wildflowers BASE gel to the natural nail after prep.  Cure.
  • Apply your Wildflowers Gel Polish Color to the nail and cure.
  • Apply one coat of blooming gel to the nail - DO NOT CURE.
  • Add in your Wildflowers Gel Polish using one of our fabulous art brushes and allow it to spread for a few seconds.
  • Cure
  • Apply a glass gel, ink, or simply topcoat to finish.

Cure time: 30 secs LED, 120 secs UV lamp.  

Product Size:

15 ml


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Bloom Gel is a cosmetic product. Returns and exchanges are NOT accepted on this product.