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Chrome - Color Shifting

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Top-quality translucent color-shifting chromes shine two colors at once.  They turn bold vibrant colors over a dark background, and over a light background reflect an almost electric colored light line.  

-"A" Amber Rose - Rose Gold to Gold

-"B" Deep Blue -  Blue to Violet

-"E" Electric Green - Brilliant Green to Teal

-"P"  Paisley - Purple to Teal

-"W"  - Green to Fuchsia



1. Finish your nail foundation color.  (base, color, and topcoat)

2.  Apply Wildflowers Tack-Free Metallic Topcoat and cure for ONLY 30 seconds in an LED light.

3.  Apply the chrome (a LITTLE goes a VERY VERY long way!!) using a silicone tool or eyeshadow applicator to the surface of the nail.  Remove any excess.

4.  Apply Wildflowers Top Coat Gel, and begin by capping the free edge.  Cure.

Product Size:

Each pot holds 3 grams each.  


We ship worldwide.  Just add the item to your cart, proceed to checkout, and enter your address to see your rates.  Item ships from Florida, USA.


We do not accept returns or exchanges on Color Shifting Chrome due to it being a cosmetic product.  

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