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CATEYE Reflective Gel Polish - Aurora

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The Ultimate - Flare Gel and 9-D Cateye had a baby, and this is it.  Amazing because no matter what lighting you're in, your nails will be putting on a show.  In natural daylight, you'll see the color-changing chameleon effect of the 9-D Cateye, but the second you walk into a room with can lights your nails will be glimmering like diamonds.  Then add the flash of a camera to really be blown away!  

These gels contain LOTS of expensive pigments - 9-D magnetic cateye pigments (the brightest and boldest on the market), and the highest quality flash pigments which gives the nails their diamond-like glimmer.  Only one coat is necessary.  This is our tried and true formula that has an extremely long shelf-life.  


Apply the Wildflowers Galaxy Cateye Flare Gel over a layer of cured Wildflowers Gel Polish or Wildflowers Glass Gel.  Before curing, use the magnet to move the product into the desired place.  Cure.

Apply Wildflowers Top Coat Gel to Finish!

To see how to move the cateye magnet, CLICK HERE