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CHROME - "Dreams" White Chrome

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Wildflowers White Chrome is back and better than ever!  At Wildflowers, we are proud to source only the absolute highest quality of pigments and chrome powders available, and you will see that reflected in the price.  Any meticulous professional nail technician can tell the difference in quality when it comes to chrome products.  The market is flooded with inferior and sub-standard chrome powders, but with Wildflowers, we bring you only the best.

This is for a full 5-gram sifter jar (twice as much as the former Wildflowers White Chrome).

Follow Lauren's tips for the BEST and brightest application:

1.  Apply Wildflowers BASE and cure.  

2.  Apply a thin coat of Wildflowers "Tissue Paper" Gel Polish and cure.  Repeat.

3.  Apply a thin and even coat of Wildflowers "Metallic Topcoat".  Check your light line before curing to ensure a perfect application.  Cure for 30 seconds in an LED light.  

4.  Use a Wildflowers applicator and apply a coat of "Dreams" white chrome powder.  Now, lightly mist the nail with isopropyl alcohol (91% or higher) from a spray bottle.  Give it a few seconds to dry, and re-apply the "Dreams" white chrome powder.  You should see a REALLY intense color.  Remove any excess chrome powder.  

5.  Use the 180 Wildflowers buffer to buff a tiny bit of "Dreams" white chrome off the extension edge of the nail.  This can be as little as .5mm.  

6.  Apply the Wildflowers Top Coat Gel to the nail being sure to cover the entire nail and extension edge, and cure for 30 seconds.