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Silk Acrylic Powder - Vivid Pastels

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Wildflowers Silk Acrylic Powders are uniquely blended to create beautiful 2-D and 3-D nailart.  The consistency of the blend, which is highly pigmented with  premium grade cosmetic pigments, is as smooth as a dream.  This makes it very easy to press your petals and art down super-thin on the nail without the product breaking down into a grainy mess.  

Wildflowers Silk Acrylic Powders can be use in 3 ways.  

-Sugaring (sprinkling them over Wildflowers white Pop-Up Gel and then curing)

-To create 3-D gel nailart and silk designs (by mixing with the Wildflowers white Pop-Up Gel).  

-Use the powders with liquid monomer to create gorgeous 3-D nailart and silk designs.  


Looking for the MSDS?  Click here.