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Diamond Chrome

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Wildflowers Diamond Chrome is the best of the best!  We only source the top quality raw materials and pigments for our products, and this is a combination of Unicorn Hologram Powder, and the finest colored Chrome Powders - giving you the ultimate Diamond Chromes.  

Their beauty outshines other chrome products because it looks good in EVERY light!  Indoors it reflects its beautiful base color, but out in the sun or under LED ceiling lights, it shoots off a rainbow halo.  


Apply a coat of Wildflowers Metallic Topcoat to your finished gel polish manicure.  Cure for 30 seconds in an LED light.  Apply the Wildflowers Diamond Chrome using a Wildflowers Eyeshadow Applicator.  Remove any excess powder.  Coat with Wildflowers Top Coat Gel and cure for 30 seconds.


We ship worldwide.  Ships from Georgia, USA.


Returns are NOT accepted on Wildflowers Diamond Chromes because it is cosmetic.