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Diamond Glue Gel

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Looking for the perfect glue gel to adhere crystals and embellishments that you can count on?  You'll LOVE our Wildflowers Diamond Gel.  This gel product cures tack free and is easy to apply straight from the tube.  This tube will last you a VERY LONG TIME, has an extra-long shelf life, and is almost impossible to accidentally cure.  It's perfect for travel and won't leak when the lid is on tight.


Once your nail is finished, apply the Wildflowers Diamond Gel where you want your crystals.  Make sure you apply it generously so that the gel squishes up around the crystal (both under the crystals and around the sides to "hug" it).  Cure for 30 seconds in an LED light.  Cures tack free.

Contains 30mL of gel.  

Ships from Georgia, USA.