FANTASY Micro Glitters

$89.00 USD

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Here is a preview of the colors in the stacker jars. Description:

The highest quality micro glitter you can find!

  • 12 playful iridescent translucent colors.  
  • Several purchasing options
  • 100% Cosmetic Grade in size and material.  
  • Solvent resistant.  


Fantasy Mini Set is perfect for dusting into the tacky layer of gel polish, mixing into acrylic powder, or into hard gel for a dazzling effect. 

Our favorite technique is to use them over dark colors, or to sugar with them.  They are also beautiful sprinkled!


We ship worldwide.  Head to our checkout to see all of our options!  Ships from Florida, USA.


FANTASY micro glitters are a cosmetic product. Returns and exchanges are NOT accepted on this product.

Other Info:

      Colors Include:

      Refill size 10g jars:

      • Tutu
      • Grape
      • Fiji
      • Mint
      • Tajin
      • Bride
      • Heaven
      • Jeans
      • Kermie
      • Firefly
      • Coral
      • Candy

      Stacker Set Includes:

      This is a set of 2 stackers - each with 6 colors, each color is in a 5 gram (by volume) jar. Start with the Fantasy Glitter Stackers, and buy our re-fill size jars to replenish.  OR, don't like stackers?  You can purchase stacker lids and break the jars apart. 

      Pink Top (from top to bottom)

      • Tutu, Grape, Fiji, Mint, Tajin, Bride

      Blue Top (from the top to the bottom)

      • Heaven, Jeans, Kermie, Firefly, Coral, Candy