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Flash Cure Light with Squishy Top

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Wildflowers NEW Flash Cure Light (now silver color) comes with an optional Squishy Top that is perfect for encapsulating!  When you're working with dried flowers, or large glitters or mylar and need to hold it down while you cure, just grab our new Flash Cure Light and stick the squishy top onto the light (it's made from the same material as the super sticky stamper - so it sticks to the light perfectly).  Then you can squish down the finicky object and get a perfect cure!

If the squishy top becomes dusty or loses its stickiness, just carefully clean it with acetone or alcohol and it's as good as new.  It sticks right to the glass lens of the Flash Cure Light.  

Wildflowers Flash Cure Light is PERFECT for Flash curing nails - especially when you get the apex to the perfect position with gel and you want to lock it in place.... Or in the case that you are doing a very thin and fragile sculpt, and you don't want your client accidentally bumping their nail on the way into the light.  

We recommend using it for the purpose of flash curing, you should still cure the hand fully in a regular UV or LED light.   

The Wildflowers Flash cure light like a flashlight is run by AAA batteries.  It is a VERY STRONG LED wavelength and good batteries, the flash cure light would run for 10 hours straight.  If a flash cure is 10 seconds, that's 3,600 flash cures before you would want to replace the batteries.  



The Wildflowers Flash Cure Light takes 3 AAA batteries.  (Be sure you put them in correctly).  

Wildflowers recommend using the Clear Puffy Gel, or Clear Base Gel as a foundation to stick your object into before curing.  Encapsulate with Wildflowers Clear Build in a Bottle.  


This item ships from Georgia, USA.  We ship worldwide, simply add this item to your cart and enter your address to see the rates.


Wildflowers does NOT accept returns on the Wildflowers Flash Cure Light.  Defective items must be reported within one week of receiving the item.  If you are having trouble, check the direction of your batteries (that's the first thing we'll troubleshoot with you).