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Gel Polish - Ash - Siesta Key

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Where does the name come from?

When I was a small child, I remember getting a small Christmas ornament from my Aunt Tanya and Uncle Greg in Oregon.  It was a small locomotive that could fit into my hand and was tied with a little gold string.  It was made from the ashes of the volcano Mt. Saint Helens.  I was amazed every time I held it in my hands - it came from an actual volcano!  It was a beautiful swirled pastel purple and gray, and believe it or not, I still have it.

Siesta Key is a beautiful cream-colored Gel Polish peppered with tiny black and gold speckles.  The name is inspired by the sand on the beach "Siesta Key" on the west coast of Florida.  Smooth finish, and looks good with a shiny or matte finish.

We recommend using this product with the Wildflowers BASE gel, and with Wildflowers Topcoat.