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Pigment - GLOW

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🌟Prepare to ignite your creativity with Wildflowers Glow Pigments🌟, a dazzling array of 8 vivid, high-contrast colors that redefine the art of transformation. These luxurious, cosmetic-grade pigments are your passport to an artistic universe with no limits.

Elevate your nail art to a whole new level as you create mesmerizing, glowing masterpieces that will leave your clients in absolute awe. In convenient sifter jars, these pigments are your trusty allies in crafting astonishing nail designs that are nothing short of show-stopping.

With their remarkable concentration, just a small amount of pigment opens up a world of possibilities, turning a few scoops into a treasure trove of polymer powder.

Get ready to make your nail creations shine like never before with Wildflowers Glow Pigments – the irresistible choice for artists who demand nothing but the best.

Ships from GEORGIA, USA.

Please keep in mind, the Lava RED color will glow RED when charged with a regular light, and PURPLE when charged with a nail lamp (UV).  Clients will want to hold their nails under the light or in the sun to charge the pigments.

The BLUE and GREEN last the longest - you can wake up in the middle of the night, and your toenails will STILL Be glowing aqua blue!  

Returns are not accepted on our GLOW Pigments due to their cosmetic nature.  

PLEASE NOTE: Lava Red-Violet Powder glows RED when charged by a regular lightbulb.  IT glows VIOLET when charged with UV or sunlight.


*** Mix Ratio*** 3 parts clear acrylic powder to one part glow pigment.  

If mixed into acrylic powder, one jar of our pure glow pigment mixed with your favorite brand of clear acrylic powder will yield 30 grams of glow acrylic!  That's over ONE ounce!  (that's a lot!)

You also have the option to mix it into gel or gel polish (because our pigments are pure and NOT pre-mixed with acrylic powder).  

Each comes in a 10g sifter jar.