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This formula contains HEMA - This is our original TINTED (PINK) formula.  

Nail Techs are RAVING about the superior adhesion of Wildflowers BASE gel!

Wildflowers BASE gel is a soak-off gel that provides a foundation with maximum adhesion - even on habitual lifters.  This is the base coat we use for literally EVERYTHING at Wildflowers (Nails in a Box, Sculpting Paste, Gel Polish, Liquid and Powder Acrylic and so on).  

BASE TINTED PINK is a slightly tinted base coat with superior adhesion.  This can be used under ANY product from gel polish to liquid and powder acrylic.   


  • Cleanse and Purify the nail plate an Isopropyl Alcohol (90%+) acetone mixture (half and half is great) 
  • Do not apply protein bond, bond-aid, or any other primer, these are NOT necessary.  
  • Apply a thin coat of Wildflowers BASE gel.  Cure for 30 seconds in an LED lamp or 120 seconds in a UV lamp.  
  • Apply a second coat for camouflage coverage.  Cure.
  • Continue to sculpt your nails using Wildflowers Build in a Bottle, or Wildflowers Sculpting Paste OR finish with Wildflowers Top Coat Gel for a natural nail overlay.  

Product Size:

Wildflowers TINTED BASE gels come in a 15mL bottle and now in a 100mL refill bottle.


We ship worldwide.  Just add this item to your cart, head to the checkout and enter your address to get shipping rates.  Item ships from Georgia, USA. 


Wildflowers BASE gel is a cosmetic item, therefore returns are NOT accepted on this item.