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Painting Gel - Silver Chrome & Two Others

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We finally have a beautiful silver chrome painting gel!  

Here are our biggest tips:

1.  The purpose is for detailed artwork - not full cover color or french tips.

2.  Paint thin as it can "jelly donut" if it's applied too thick.  These can go on a tacky or tack-free surface as long as it's smooth.  For a raised effect, paint over the clear puffy and be sure to topcoat.  

3.  For the truest chrome look - Do NOT touch it after you cure it.  It DOES need a topcoat.  Be sure to float your brush over the design when applying topcoat.   

We attempted to make two other colors, but unfortunately, they are not a true chrome, and so they are yours free with your silver chrome painting gel purchase until we run out. They are a gold-ish, and bronze-ish :)