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Painting Gels

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Looking for a set of Painting Gels to fall in love with?  And I'm talking about a love that lasts the length of your nail career!  Look no further.  

There's SO MUCH to tell you about our Painting Gels at Wildflowers.  Here are TEN reasons why these paint gels are the choice of world-champion artists!

1.  They're in a mess-free tube.  That means you can travel across the world and take classes from world-champion nail artists and not have to worry about a mess in your suitcase.  You can also travel with them to compete!

2.  You get THREE TIMES as much as other brands.  Most other brands' gel paints are only 5ml and go for an average price of $12 each.  With Wildflowers, you are getting 15mL of gel paint.  

3.  Our paint gels have an incredible shelf-life of 5+ years.

4.  Wildflowers Paint Gels are HYPER-Pigmented.  We pay extra to have them loaded with pigment so that you don't have to double-coat your fine artwork. 

5.  Our Paint Gels are available in a range of 50 colors - that means much less mixing for you.  Our Paint Gels are also available in several sets so you can build your collection fast or slow.

6.  These are the preferred Paint Gel for one-stroke techniques by world champion nail artists.  

7.  The Wildflowers Paint Gels cure is tack-free making nails quicker and easier for you.

8.  (I know this is frivolous but looks matter!). They display SO CUTE!!!  We love to store our Paint Gels in clear acrylic lip-gloss holders.  

9.  Our EDUCATION.  We have loads of educational videos teaching you how to use the Wildflowers Paint Gels.  Almost any Wildflowers class you attend uses them, and SO MANY of our instructional videos use them.

10.  They are versatile. They stamp, they chrome, they blend like a dream.  


  • Finish your BASE nail
  • Apply the Wildflowers Paint Gel THIN to create your artwork.  Be sure to press it thin.  If you're looking for a thick textured application, you should try our PUFFY GEL.  
  • Cure for 30 seconds in an LED light.
  • Apply Topcoat to seal.