LUX Micro Glitters

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The highest quality micro glitter you can find!  Includes 24 unique colors.  This is a set of 4 stackers - each with 6 colors, each color is in a 5-gram jar.  It's a great way to sample all of the micro colors to decide which ones will be most popular for your business. These glitters are 100% Cosmetic Grade in size and material.  Solvent resistant.



    Micro-Mini Set is perfect for dusting into the tacky layer of gel polish, mixing into acrylic powder, or into hard gel for a dazzling effect. 

    They are also beautiful sprinkled!

    Product Size:

    5g (by volume) jar for stackers.  10g jars for individuals.


    We ship worldwide.  Head to our checkout to see all of our options!  Ships from Florida, USA.


    Micro-Mini LUX Set is a cosmetic product. Returns and exchanges are NOT accepted on this product.

    Other Information:

    Stacker Set Includes:

    Blue Top/Grey Bottom: Atlantic, Autumn, Cabernet, Caramel, Celtic, Charcoal

    Copper Top/ Purple Bottom: Chateau, Garden, Garnet, Gold 2, Jasmine, Jeanie

    Green Top/ Pink Bottom: Moss, Orchid, Pacific, Penny, Raspberry, Reina

    Gold Top/ Red Bottom: Riches, Sicily, Silver 2, Slate, Sophia, Warm Red

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