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Special Edition - Crackerjack

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Get your hands on this limited edition color - Crackerjack!  It's a fun chunky holographic gel polish that can be worn in layers, or layered over other colors.  

Due to the nature of the glitters in this polish, it doesn't feel as smooth as other glittery gel polishes, and that's because the particles are rather large compared to our other colors.  BUT if you can handle it, you'll LOVE having this in your collection!   


1.  Prep the natural nails with an alcohol acetone mixture.  Apply Wildflowers BASE gel, and cure for 30 seconds in an LED.

2.  Apply 1-2 coats of Wildflowers Gel Polish, cure each coat 30 seconds in an LED.

3.  Apply Wildflowers Top Coat Gel, and cure.

To capture the FLARE, be sure to use the FLASH on your phone!


We ship worldwide.  This product ships from Georgia, USA.  

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