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Wildflowers 180 Files - TRY ME KIT

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My clients used to LOVE that I used a brand new file on them each and every time they came in.   

This is our Try Me Kit!  It comes with a metal file core, and 5 of the 180 sponge pieces, and 180 flat pieces.  


    Peel away the backing on the file paper piece, and line it up to the file core.  Secure it in the center first, and then smooth outward.  If you don't get it perfect, you can quickly readjust.  

    When you finish with your client, peel off the file paper SLOWLY, and dispose of it.  Soak the file core in liquid disinfectant as directed, or sterilize.  


    This item ships from Georgia, USA.  We ship worldwide, simply add this item to your cart and enter your address to see the rates.


    Wildflowers does NOT accept returns on the Wildflowers Files.