The color of cateye gel polish can look different in various lighting, and depending on what color you place under it.  It can even be placed over chrome pigment and foil which gives it unlimited results.  
At Wildflowers, we are very passionate about art, and color theory regarding art. 
Our white cateye is called "white" because the color of the light reflected is white.  That means you can take any of our inks or glass gels (see-through products - like stained glass) and place them over it, and you'll get a true representation of the color you're placing over.  This is because silver translates to white when it hits the human eye when it sparkles. The white cateye is the only one that works like this because the other cateye gels have reflective particles that are colors other than white when they sparkle.  
The best example is that you can take the white cateye and place our pink glass gel over top, and you'll have a blazing neon pink cateye nail.  
If you'd like to add a cool effect, you can place the cateye over our angel flakes for both an iridescent and sparkly effect.  



It's all very interesting, and the possibilities are endless depending on the combination you choose to make. 
DAY 4 - Blazing White Cateye

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